Three Days of Rain

“Walker is troubled youth and throughout the first half much is revealed about his difficult psychology; he is the son of a mother gone mad and a father who ignores him. As played by Gil Brady, he is the most compelling of all the people we meet in this play. He has charm, wit, a panoply of emotions that play out in his face, his voice, his body language. He is everything that his father, it turns out, is not and when he plays his Dad, he is a totally different person. Brady‘s work in these two roles is exceptional, rich and voluminous in all the darkness that both characters embody.”

– Peter Bergman (Berkshires)

“TV and stage actor Brady, in his Oldcastle debut, arguably has the most difficult temporal shift to pull off, and does so handsomely. His ability to deftly swing from the cavalier to the apprehensive while still gripping hold of comparable flaws paints distinctive yet parallel portraits of Walker and Ned.”

– Manchester Journal

“…highly talented young man, Gil Brady …the cast holds the audience spellbound …the acting is close to astounding.”

– Bob Rose, The Post-Star