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*I offer a pretty sweet discount for friends and family, people who are currently unemployed, and all services are negotiable.

The bottom line is:
If you want to work or need to work, I’ll work with you.

Student Testimonials

“Gil has been much more than a teacher, he has been a mentor. From my college auditions to the professional career that blossomed afterwards, Gil has not only helped me grow through coaching and great advice, he has celebrated my successes and pushed me to the next one. Any time I have ever had a career question, a scene or monologue I needed help refining, or a song I’d like to perfect – I have sought out Gil first. And I’ve always been glad that I did.”

– Ethan Lynch (Montclair State, “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” National Tour)

“My monologue coach, Gil, and I clicked right off that bat. He made me feel comfortable. He also challenged me to be more open and be a more responsible actor. I don’t believe I would have gotten into the schools I did without Gil’s advice. I not only am accepted by Syracuse, but I also made a truly great friend that will be there for me if I need any questions answered.”

– Will Serri (S.U., indie film actor)

“Gil was patient, encouraging and possessed a unique ability to help develop artistic growth and acting skill in a relatively short period of time.  The coaching enabled Stephanie to approach her acting and musical auditions with insight into her characters, knowledge about the audition process and confidence. The coaching and preparation helped her secure admission to the prestigious Cap 21 studio at Tisch School of the Arts, N.Y.U.”

– mother of Stephanie Isrealson (N.Y.U., John W. Engeman Theatre)

“Gil is the man!”

“He’s very charismatic.”

“He was nice and funny.”

“Gil was energetic, the activities were fun and entertaining!”

– Students at Hoboken High School, N.J.

“I started working with Gil around eight years ago for my college auditions, and we immediately clicked. Over the years, as I continued to work with Gil as an acting coach for countless auditions, he’s become a close friend and mentor of mine. He is an incredible acting coach, with an insight that has helped me take my audition material to the next level. He is a pleasure to work with and a joy to be around. The longevity our our relationship is a testament to his outstanding skills and to his character.”

– Cory Torallo (model, singer)

“The best coach a girl could ask for!!”

– Rachel Mou-Thiel (Royal Birmingham Conservatoire)

“Since the evening I saw ‘I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change,’ and later took an acting class at FST taught by Gil Brady (who was in the production), I have had an A&E crush on F.S.T.”

– Joan Phelps (Florida student)