The Crucible

Brady was absolutely remarkable as the haunted Proctor. At first emboldened with a marvelously cocky swagger and an infectiously wry grin, he soon gave way to brooding melancholy and stubborn, tragic resolve. So captivating was Brady’s performance that – at times – it hardly felt like acting. It was almost as though the audience was fortunate enough to witness a secret event through a cleverly concealed curtain, gasping as life before it roared and consumed like a wild flame. This was especially challenging since this particular character is one of the most difficult to justly portray in theatre, and was visibly met with sensitivity, maturity and the height of professionalism in a performance arguably almost on par with Day-Lewis. His emblazoned speech that echoes the importance of his name was enough to send tenacious shivers down even the most skeptical of spines. Bravo, Mr. Brady.”


“…lead by Brady, whose John Proctor is explosive and heartfelt.”

– NY Post

“He skillfully evoked Proctor’s complex mix of righteous indignation and shame over his infidelity.”

– The Brooklyn Paper